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The 20th General Assembly
Sep. 2 to Sep.4 ,2008 Yinchuan

041 HN Meeting
June 27,2008 Tsinghua University

The 19th General Assembly
June 30 to July 1 ,2008 Beijing
Introduction to China DRM Forum

The Digital Rights Management Forum of China (the China DRM Forum) was founded on November 24th 2004, which was co-sponsored by CCTV and TSinghua University ,aiming to call public attention to digital rights management, promote its development, protect the rights of all participants in the delivery chain of digital media content, and establish a good environment for content delivery and consumption. The forum emphasizes research and discussion on the requirement of application, solution, technical standards, developing direction, developing strategies of China DRM, and issues closely related to the country’s digital media development. Moreover, it keeps a close eye on the latest technical development of DRM and promotes communication and cooperation among its members in order to provide conditions for constructing a good developing environment for digital media rights management.  
By November 11st 2009, China DRM Forum has grown to 78 member units from its original 32 member units, including 15 media units and content providers, 40 solution technique providers, 17 terminal equipment manufacturers, 1 operators,and 5 universities and research institutions.
Our primary activities include membership meeting which is organized by China DRM Forum, theme forum, technique seminar and so on. The forum meetings are usually held five or six times every year, each of which lasts for two days, but probably being shortened or extended according to certain situation. If required, specific forum could be arranged out of plan. In the forum, firstly the forum principal or the specially invited speaker will introduce his research development or implementing situation about relevant theme, and then members present in the meeting will discuss the related proposals. Also, members can introduce the content, progress, plan and achievement of their own researches, and also can communicate with each other in the technical field and academic field.
In the future, China DRM Forum will take the main digital multimedia project as the core, mobile and coordinate the resources of member units internally by building a platform of DRM development together to enable members to learn from each other and get mutual benefit. Meanwhile China DRM Forum will try its best to carry out social activities externally to extend digital multimedia rights management and propagandize its views and ideas in the whole society to enforce the awareness of DRM of all the people. With the steadily spreading influence of every work of the forum, we believe that China DRM Forum will definitely impulse the process of our country’s digital media rights management and accelerate the development of digital multimedia industry of China by building a ameliorative circle of digital multimedia ,legal and reasonable, co-existing and co-thriving.